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48 Things You Might Not Know About Andrew

Whilst I was researching the radio series about Yorkshire I'm producing, called White Around Yorkshire, I was looking at Barnsley-born writer Joanne Harris' website.  On it, she's got a list of "101 Little-Known Facts …" about her... and I thought what a great idea.

So, as not to copy exactly, I've gone for 48...

1. I was born in Doncaster Royal Infirmary just a tad early.

2. I was born in the same year as my home county of South Yorkshire – 1974.

3. I’ve worn glasses since the age of 7.

4. Without my glasses, I can only see things in focus 5cm away from me.

5. I have 4 dogs – but late Maisie was really my dog.

6. I can’t stand musical films or theatre… why, oh why have you just broken into song???

7. The first single I ever bought was Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” in 1982.

8. I’m left handed for writing, but ambidextrous for everything else.

9. I’m numerically dyslexic - which is called
dyscalculia, and often get numbers in the wrong order when reading them out.

10. In fact I can’t spell either - so I'm proper dyslexic too.

11. I do usually spell words with all the right letters, but not necessarily in the right order…

12. I suffer from SAD in winter.

13. My inability to spell was the initial reason I switched to Google Chrome as a browser… it has a built-in spell checker…

14. I just spelt “ambidextrous” correct above without the spell checker – but I’ve misspelt “spell” every time.

15. I was a Doctor Who fan in the days when it wasn’t trendy… #truefan

16. I used to suffer badly from Raynard's Syndrome, where the extremities suffer adversely to the slightest cold.

17. I now suffer from Vitiligo – the progressive depigmentation of parts of the skin, which explains the white patches on my hands, face… and other places.

18. 1% of the world’s population suffer from Vitiligo… including Michael Jackson - when he was alive.

19. I’ve flown in a helicopter with the door off…

20. I’m very good at picking quality wines – be they red or white…

21. In the 6th Form I forsook A-Level Maths to record game shows in the common room.

22. I was told “You won’t get far forsaking A-Level Maths to record game shows” by one teacher.

23. I was accepted with an unconditional offer to the University of Wolverhampton on the strength on those game shows. Hah!

24. I was accepted at a Polytechnic and graduated from a University.

25. I can touch my left ear with my left hand… with my arm going around the right side of my head…

26. My favourite sit-coms are "Bewitched", "Open All Hours" and "Yes, Minister"

27. I’m often listening to the 00:48 Shipping Forecast.

28. I can recite all the words and lyrics to the Warner Bros cartoon “What’s Opera Doc?” in perfect sync to the screen action

29. My first video camera was the Amstrad Fidelity VMC100 Videomatic...

30. I hold an Armthorpe Comprehensive School sports day record which can never be beaten – the record for never, ever competing in the school sport day…

31. I love to play Badminton, in which being ambidextrous I have two backhands and two forehands. That confuses new players…

32. I do a mean air-piano to "Bohemian Rhapsody".

33. I believe in the fundamental interconnectedness of all things.

34. I am a regular singer at karaoke, with fairly mean renditions of "Common People", "Disco 2000", "Hotel California", "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" among others…

35. I’ve been practising "Total Eclipse of the Heart"… but haven’t premiered it yet.

36. I can remember Walkers Snaps being 8p.

37. I have a deep love of railways – and the start of a railway journey is one of the great sensations in life.

38. All my cars have been called Murtel – apart from my current one, which is called Tabatha…

39. When I feel low, the music of Debbie Gibson lifts me up.

40. I rinse the kettle out every morning and replace it with fresh water before making a cup of tea.

41. I say “cup” of tea, but I drink out of mugs.

42. See #33.

43. I’ve owned 4 cars in my life – a Peugeot 205, a Ford Fiesta, an apple green Nissan Micra and a new sky blue Nissan Micra.

44. I can’t play an instrument, but I’m very musical.

45. I started to play the cornet, but gave it up before secondary school. (Perhaps I should start again…)

46. My father-in-law and I once pushed a piano ¾ mile along the road to get it to my house.

I love girl’s names to end in an “a” sound; I think it comes from “Bewitched”…

48. I was the first British writer/journalist to explore the newly-reopened St Olav’s Way between Sweden and Norway.

Copyright MMXX Andrew White
Contact Andrew through his manager, Sosanna Brennan on 0207 175 5062
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